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$5 Mystery Bag of Cards

$5 Mystery Bag of Cards

Product Information
This is the $5.00 Mystrey bag of cards. You will receive  50 to 75 cards per mystery bag. You are guaranteed to receive atleast 1 game used or autograph card. The cards will be made up of baseball, basketball, and football cards.  These cards will be a combination of Inserts, Rookie Inserts, rookie cards and serial numbered cards! (No common cards or parallel cards unless they are serial numbered).  The cards will come variety of manufacturers such as but not limited to: Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Score, Donruss, SP and every other card company you can think of  Who knows you may even receive a game used or autograph card as well. This mystery bag is perfect for eBay sellers or people who want to add a lot of cards to their collection quickly!

Price: $5.00

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